Inks and Succulents - Porch Pickup Only in Frisco, TX

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This kit includes: a succulent, 3 containers of alcohol ink (a high vibrancy ink that is diluted using rubbing alcohol), 3 squeeze tubes for the inks, rubbing alcohol, a 4.5 in diameter pot, dirt and pearlite to plant the succulent, a disposable apron, 2 gloves, gold alcohol ink and 2 practice papers.  A video link will also be given to watch a online tutorial.  

Color options: you will be given 3 containers of ink to use on your pot.  You have 3 options down below:

Blue-Green hues: Blue, Dark Green, White, plus Gold

Red-Orange hues: Magenta, Yellow, White, plus Gold

Purple-Red hues: Purple, magenta, blue plus Gold